Happy Families Podcast: Perfect Parenting Will Crush Your Soul

By: Dr Justin Coulson

We all want to be good parents, but what happens when your perfectionism gets in the way of that? Dr Justin Coulson discusses this on the Happy Families podcast.

Topics discussed in this episode:

– What is perfectionism?

– Excessively high personal standards & extraordinarily critical in personal evaluations

– Self-oriented perfectionism, other-oriented perfectionism & socially prescribed perfectionism

– What to do if you are a perfectionist

– The Perfectionism Paradox

– When we avoid mistakes we limit our learning

Listen now: Episode 165 Perfect Parenting with Crush Your Soul

happy families podcast episode 165 - perfect parenting will crush your soul

Podcast supplied with thanks to Happy Families.

About the Host: A sought after public speaker and author, and former radio broadcaster, Justin has a psychology degree from the University of Queensland and a PhD in psychology from the University of Wollongong.

Feature image: Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash