“We Come and Eat at School. That’s Where We Survive.” – Margaret

By: Berlinda Fortin

Anierio Margaret and her younger brothers miss their parents.

Separated on the long walk from their home in South Sudan to the Kidongo refugee camp in neighbouring Uganda, they don’t know where their parents are – or even if they are still alive.

They live with another family in the refugee camp now. She says everyone is trying to make the best of the situation. But it is very difficult.

“[Workers at the camp] gave us to some people to take care of us,” says the softly spoken Margaret. “I don’t know where my real mum lives. I don’t know where they are. We are having misunderstandings at home between the children and the parents. Some days if they quarrel with us, we just think about our parents. We just cry.”

But in the difficult moments, Margaret says she find great love and strength from her friends at school.

“I see my friends like my brothers and sisters. We eat and drink with them together. If I’m working, they come and help me. If I find them working, I go and help them. That’s the way we live together and we show love to one another.”

Meals at School Mean Survival and an Education

And since Feed The Hungry ensures the students have a healthy, nutritious meal at lunchtime, school attendance is up. Margaret says she and her friends rely on the meals at school not just to learn in class but to survive.

“We feel good [when we eat at school] but if we miss a meal, we wait until evening to eat at home. [If there’s nothing to eat at home], we just sleep. We wait for morning, when we come and eat at school. That’s where we survive.”

And you can help to provide fortified, nutritious meals to protect children like Margaret against malnutrition, help them to grow, and give them the energy they need to concentrate in the classroom.

Your gift of just $6 on Take Away Hunger Day will feed a hungry child at school for a whole month.

More than a meal, you’ll be helping to provide children with an education and the opportunity to know God’s love!

Margaret says she and her friends are praying for more support. Because it’s only with enough food that they can stay in class, concentrate, and learn, in the hope of building a better future.

“We just pray for help. Some students escape from school… they go home and remain there because of hunger. They don’t attend class. Others will be sleeping because of hunger. That’s why we are just praying hard for help.”

Thank you for your support today to feed a hungry child like Margaret, to help them learn and look to the future with new hope. Because a full life feels good!

Article supplied with thanks to Feed The Hungry.

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