Lost Your Joy? This One Principle Could Be a Game Changer

By: Rachel Reva

Ever had one of those ‘gruelling’ weeks where you can’t seem to catch a break? I know I have.

And sometimes, it can be easy to let those emotions continue into the next week, without ever being unchecked. I noticed this in myself recently (yes, I have those weeks too!) – I was tired, overthinking everything and felt like any request made of me was was ‘too much’.

What had happened? My joy had disappeared. Why? I had forgotten this spiritual principle: gratitude. Even as a coach and mentor, sometimes I need to drink my own medicine and go back to this very foundation. If you aren’t feeling ‘full’ today in your life – check your gratitude.

Oh, and for the cynics: it’s not just me talking ‘feel good’ stuff here – this Forbes article outlines scientifically proven benefits of practising daily gratitude: including better long term health and sleep.

The famous actress Doris Day said: ‘Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty’. It makes perfect sense – after all, what you focus on, grows. So if you are always thinking about ‘not having enough’ or what ‘isn’t going right’ – you are just asking for more of the same. Abundance goes where gratitude flows. So, here’s a quick exercise to help you get on the gratitude train:

Right now, write down 3 things that you are grateful for TODAY.

And come back to that list at least 3 times that day and repeat it to yourself (yes, morning coffee counts!) – including right before you go to sleep.

So start and end the day with this gratitude principle. Try it for a week – I promise you will see a huge difference in how you show up in your life, relationships and business.

So no matter what’s going on with you right now – just stop thinking about what’s not working – and start with gratitude.

It’s a game changer.

Article supplied with thanks to Rachel Reva at Life On Her Terms.

Feature image: Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash 

About the author: Rachel Reva is a PR consultant and author with a career that has spanned TV, writing, radio and politics. Born in Georgia, USA, Rachel now lives in Australia with her young family, and is heard every week on radio.