The HOPE at HOME Online Film Festival Offers Hope in Your Inbox!

By: Movies Change People

So we’re all stuck at home, and some of us are feeling a bit scared. But the truth is, THERE IS HOPE. And what better way to remember that than to get an injection of HOPE in the form of great movies and content, every week for 10 weeks?

An Online Film Festival

HOPE at HOME is an online, 10-week film and event festival presented by Movies Change People launching this Friday. Across the course of the festival period, ticket holders will receive a new film in their library every single week, an accompanying Q&A with the filmmakers and/or fellow storytellers, and access to a range of online events including panels, workshops, in-conversations and more. 

What can you expect in the festival?

We plan to bring you ten of the most hope-filled, inspirational stories on film that are currently being curated by our team just for you.

The festival will begin with a special Easter bundle that will give you and your family some beautiful and moving Easter content to enjoy together … we think you’ll appreciate The Passion we have for this festival … see what we did there? Hint, hint!

And then following Easter week you’ll receive a weekly feature presentation that will lift spirits, encourage hearts, change moods … and we are hoping … bring smiles to many faces.

We LOVE the way the program is coming together and we think you’re going to find it life giving in these unusual and uncertain times. It’s going to be Loud and Krazy and full of Love … oops … we keep letting the cat out of the bag! [is this too korny?]

Support your local hope-oriented radio and media outlet!

By purchasing a ticket you’ll be supporting your local radio station or media outlet that you listen to every morning on the way to work. Yes, the one that relies on donations from their listeners and who needs your help!

We will be partnering with media outlets around the nation not only to get the word out and foster this “festival community,” but also to bring direct financial support for them. They are the voice of hope in our nation – we need them!

How can I access the online festival?

Tickets for the festival are priced at $59.99, BUT you can have access to a 50% off voucher through our media partners! That brings the price for the full 10 week HOPE at HOME festival down to $29.99.

Ticket holders will get access to:

10 amazing films: 1 per week over 10 weeks (those who subscribe later have instant access to earlier films)

Our Festival Facebook Community, where ‘watch parties’ and other exclusive content will become special events, shared together, and engaged with together in a community experience.

Subscribe HERE so that you don’t miss out on the festival launch THIS FRIDAY! Or keep updated by joining us on Instagram or Facebook.

Article supplied with thanks to Movies Change People.