Boy Writes His Mum a Note After Missing the School Bus

By: Rachel Murphy

Funny faces, quirky mannerisms and random opinions are all sources of quality entertainment when they come from kids. But this little guy’s note to his mum after missing the school bus has left us more impressed than anything else.

It seems like he felt bad for messing up the morning routine, so he left this incredibly well-written note for his mum to find. He even included pros and cons list for staying home!

“As your son, I regret to inform you that I’ve missed my means of public transportation. I know you must be on a rollercoaster of emotions right now but rest assured, I’ve decided to stay home. This was a tough decision to make while you were gone for 20 minutes. I’m probably in my bed now moping about the fact that I can’t go to school. So please don’t interrupt me. If you require any further assistance, please see the pros/cons chart on the back side.”

His PROS list included:

  • First day home this quarter, grades will be fine.
  • Today was gonna be a bad one, can’t get over my hair.

Very fairly, he included a few CONS:

  • Might become a habit (doubtful).
  • You have to call the school and tell them I’ve got polio.

But also, polio? Not the flu, he’s decided he has polio … Apparently his mum let him stay home after all that. I wonder if she did call the school and say “my son won’t be attending today, he’s been diagnosed with polio. But he’ll be back tomorrow – thanks!”

Article supplied by: 98five Sonshine FM

About the Author: Rachel Murphy is  98five’s Digital Content Producer in Perth.