12 Must-Read Christian Blogs for Women

By: Brittany Ann

Christian women’s blogs help to encourage and equip you to be ALL IN in faith and family.

Like that awesome big sis — they can be your biggest cheerleader and the one you can always turn to for real, honest, Biblical advice for whatever you’re going through right now (along with the occasional kick in the pants when needed!)

Now, I have to warn you… this list is totally biased. I didn’t come up with these websites using some complicated algorithm or by researching every single Christian women’s blog in existence.

Rather, these are the top 12 Christian blogs for women that I personally love and read myself on a regular basis.

All of these Christian women blogs are written by reputable, well-known Christian female bloggers who have been around for a while, so their advice is solid and trustworthy. But, I didn’t include any hugely famous Christian celebrity bloggers who have grown to the point where they aren’t accessible anymore.

(In fact, I’ve personally connected with all of these bloggers at least once, and several of them are good friends I stay in contact with on a more regular basis.)

So, whether you’re looking for help or encouragement on a specific issue or you simply want to read more Christian blogs for women on a regular basis, I hope you find this list helpful!

1. Equipping Godly Women

equipping godly women

Well, of course I have to add my name to the list first, right? (I told you this list of Christian blogs for women was biased 😉)

Seriously, though. If you are a Christian woman looking to grow in faith and family, this site has TONS of really practical and encouraging blog posts to help you be the amazing Godly Christian, wife and mother God created you to be, no matter what you’re dealing with right now.

Whether your husband watches porn and you’re not sure how to respond, you need help dealing with toxic family members Biblically, you want to be the perfect Proverbs 31 woman or you simply want to learn how to read the Bible more consistently, Equipping Godly Women can help!

Plus, we regularly feature other female Christian bloggers (have you seen the new Equipping Godly Women podcast??), so you don’t just get my perspective and opinion, but real, helpful advice no matter what stage you’re at on your Christian journey.

2. Arabah Joy

arabah joy

Arabah Joy is a great Christian blog devoted to helping Christian women go deeper in their faith so they live lives of purpose, joy, and passion, and leave a legacy of faith and strength for others to follow.

Articles on this site are very useful and encouraging in nature, and often center around living out your faith, diving deeper into the Word of God, and parenting your children well.

3. To Love Honor and Vacuum

to love honour and vacuum

Written by Christian sex and marriage expert Sheila Wray Gregoire, To Love Honor and Vacuum is one of my favorite Christian blogs for women devoted to helping Christian women develop rock-solid marriages.

Articles on this site are very straightforward but funny, and Sheila is definitely not afraid to “go there,” making this one of many great Christian women blogs. While the site does include some parenting content, Sheila mostly writes about marriage and sex within marriage, giving all the advice Christian wives need to know but are afraid to ask.

4. A Mother Far From Home

a mother far from home

After having 4 babies in 3 years, you’d expect Rachel Norman to know a thing or two about parenting littles, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Her blog, A Mother Far From Home, offers a wealth of incredibly useful tips, tricks and suggestions to help Christian mums raise great kids without losing their sanity in the process — all from someone who has been there who totally gets it.

Typical topics you’ll find include: raising great kids, being a present/engaged mum, sleep habits and routines, and top tips for keeping care of the house. You can have a peaceful, loving home without the chaos, and this site will show you how.

5. Unveiled Wife

unveiled wife

Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith is a personal blog dedicated to encouraging Christian women to build thriving marriages by teaching them how to be intentional in their role as a wife. With typical topics including faith, marriage, and motherhood, Unveiled Wife offers an atmosphere of authenticity and trust where women feel safe to share their marriage experiences, find encouragement and affirm each other. This is a “must check out” for Christian women blogs!

6. Becky Thompson

becky Thompson

Where do you turn for Christian women blogs on those days when you just feel overwhelmed by motherhood and you just need some straight up encouragement from another mum in the trenches just like you?

Well, if that’s the case, I’d definitely encourage you to check out Becky Thompson. Her marriage and parenting articles are so sweet, encouraging and heartfelt!

7. We Are THAT Family

we are that family

Another very inspiring Christian women blog I absolutely adore is We Are THAT Family by Kristen Welch. After beginning her site as a Christian parenting blog meant mostly to keep her extended family up to date, Kristen’s life was changed forever after a Compassion International trip, where she encountered Kenya’s extreme poverty firsthand.

Shaken to the core, her worldview changed forever, Kristen went on to found Mercy House, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to rescuing pregnant girls living in Kenya’s extreme poverty, as well as Fair Trade Friday, a monthly jewelry subscription that helps fund Mercy’s House’s two maternity homes.

If you ever find yourself so caught up in your own day-to-day life or your own selfish desires for more, more, more, We Are THAT Family offers a serious change in perspective and a much needed call to make a real difference.

8. Christian Mom Thoughts

christian mom thoughts

You want your children to be Christians, and you do everything you can to teach them that Jesus loves them and the Bible is important, but will their faith stick once they’re grown and gone? According to statistics, unfortunately, it’s not super likely. Thankfully, there is hope.

Christian Mom Thoughts by Natasha Crain is one of my very favorite Christian blogs for women devoted to helping Christian parents know and pass on the real evidence for Christianity so both they and their children can answer all of the arguments to Christianity they are likely to encounter as their children grow up.

While this blog is geared specifically for Christian parents, the information honestly is a must for every Christian out there. This is one of the Christian women blogs you’ll definitely want to check out!

9. Club31Women

club 31 women

A true Proverbs 31 woman, Lisa Jacobson seeks to help other women be the same through her Christian women’s blog, Club31Women. Helpful and encouraging, the articles on Club31Women most commonly cover topics including faith, marriage, parenting and home. 

10. The Humbled Homemaker

the humbled homemaker

The Humbled Homemaker by Erin Odom most commonly covers topics including motherhood, frugal living, homemaking, recipes, natural healthy living and more — all from a Christian perspective. If you want to take better care of yourself, your family and your home, this is one of the Christian women blogs that will help you do just that.

11. Young Wife’s Guide

young wife's guide

With strong focuses on marriage and parenting, intentional planning, and taking care of the home, the Young Wife’s Guide blog provides a ton of great resources to encouraging Christian women to craft Gospel-centered, joy-filled homes. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and like you just can’t keep up, Young Wife’s Guide can help (and you don’t have to be a young wife to benefit!)

12. Compared To Who?

compared to who

Are you a Christian woman who struggles with body image or comparison issues? (Don’t we all!). If so, Compared to Who? may be just what you need. After two decades of battling body image and turning to Christian sources only to find hollow platitudes, Heather Creekmore decided it was time to tackle the issue once and for all–with the Bible’s help. Visit Compared to Who? to find real hope for true contentment in the Lord — no matter what your body looks like.

Article supplied with thanks to Equipping Godly Women.

About the Author: Brittany is a wife, a mother of three, a writer, author, teacher, and lover of Jesus!