Easy Tips for Organising the Kids Bathroom

Do your bathroom drawers need a good purge? Are there things hidden under other things that you didn’t even realise were there for who knows how long? Follow these easy steps to a more organised bathroom!

1. Assess the Space

Open the drawers and check out the spaces that you have to work with.

2. Clear Everything Out

Next, take out everything! You’ll want to start with a clean slate.

3. Pile It Up

Sort your things into piles of keep, donate or trash. This will also make it easier to create sections when you’re putting things back.

4. Choose containers and baskets!

You can get cheap ones from Kmart or your local hardware store.

5. Arrange

Time to start putting everything in neatly and in their place!

Watch: Whats Up Moms shows the before and after of organising a bathroom!

Video supplied with thanks to What’s Up Moms.

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