3 Pumpkin Decoration Hacks (No Carving Needed)

Looking for some fun pumpkin decorating alternatives to do with your kids that don’t involve carving out creepy faces? Read on!

Tatooed Pumpkins

This one’s super simple! All you need are some temporary tattoos. Apply the tattoos as you would on skin.

Metal-Studded Pumpkins

Spray paint your pumpkin black and then go to town with some thumb tacks! Press them into the skin in any design that you like. Get creative with by writing words or using coloured tacks!

Floral Pumpkins

Trim your flower stems leaving about 2cm. Next take a screwdriver and puncture a hole in the skin of the pumpkin and pop your flower stem in.

Watch: What’s Up Moms shows you how to have the coolest pumpkins on the block with these totally mess free pumpkin decorating ideas!

Video supplied with thanks to What’s Up Moms.

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