Optical Illusions: Why They Work

Author: Stephen O’Doherty | Open House.

Can you trust what you see? Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us — or at least that’s what it seems.

What is actually happening when we are caught out by optical illusions gives a real insight (sorry) into how our brain works.

Insight into the Mental Gymnastics of Optical Illusions

Associate Professor Alex Holcombe from the University of Sydney presented an evening of talks and interactive events as part of Science week 2017.

Tickets sold out at a rate that would put Justin Bieber or Jerry Seinfeld to shame.

Open House challenged Dr Holcombe to tell this visual story on the radio to give us a sense of some of the mental gymnastics our brains go through when we interpret reality.

Listen: Dr Alex Holcombe in conversation with Stephen O’Doherty

Article supplied with thanks to Open House