Vegetable and Bacon Slice Recipe

Author: Susan Joy | The Joyful Table.

Serves: 6 | Prep Time: 00:25 | Cooking Time: 00:50

A perfectly balanced meal that’s not just a delicious lunch packed full of vegetables, but also a great choice for breakfast or dinner. You will find the not so popular sweet flavoured vegetable, swede (rutabaga) hidden in this dish. Swede is very high in dietary fibre and a good source of magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins B6 and C, zinc and so much more.


1 Tbsp ghee (clarified butter), or coconut oil (to grease oven dish and 1/2 for cooking bacon and onion)
3 – 4 full rashers bacon
1 onion(s), diced
3 Tsp garlic, minced
1 Lge swede(s), grated
1 Lge carrot(s), grated
1 Sml – med zucchini, grated with skin on
3 Cups baby spinach leaves, roughly shredded
2 Tbsp chopped parsley
3 Tbsp coconut flour
2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast Flakes (also known as savoury yeast flakes)
3/4 Tsp pink Himalayan salt
1/4 Tsp black pepper, ground, or to taste
6 Lge egg(s), whisked
1/2 Cup coconut milk


Preheat oven to 180c. Grease an oven-proof dish with ghee or coconut oil (30 x 20cm rectangle dish).

Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Add 1/2 tablespoon of ghee, bacon and onion, cook for approximately 4 minutes until the onion has softened. Add the garlic and cook a further minute. Remove from heat and set aside.

Add the grated vegetables to a clean tea towel, press firmly to squeeze out the excess liquid.

To a large bowl, add grated vegetables, onion and bacon mixture, shredded spinach, parsley, coconut flour, Nutritional Yeast Flakes (also known as savoury yeast flakes), salt and pepper. Mix well to distribute the ingredients throughout.

Whisk the eggs and coconut milk together in a medium bowl, pour into the mixture and stir well to combine. Spoon into the prepared dish and level the top using a fork.

Bake for 45 – 50 minutes or until lightly brown and top is set.

Cut into squares to serve warm or cold with salad. Suitable to freeze, cut into serving sizes before freezing.