Boys Have Body Image Issues Too

boy in the darkness hiding his face

By: Collett Smart

Part of my day job sees me lucky enough to spend time with teens. I have run media literacy seminars for students, in schools around the world, for a number of years now. Whenever I ask a group of tween or teen boys what they think the main area of body focus is, for boys, they yell out, ‘A six-pack!’ (I’ve even heard 9-year-old boys talking about and trying to compare their six-packs.) This line is the same, whether I am in Zimbabwe, New Zealand, the USA or Australia. Continue reading “Boys Have Body Image Issues Too”

How to Tell Your Friend What Their Teen Is Doing on Instagram

Mother with teen daughter

By: Dr Justin Coulson

Dear Dr Justin,

My husband and I have some family friends. Their daughter is friends with our daughter. I recently heard their daughter telling my daughter about her ‘private’ Instagram account. My daughter has told me that her friend is sharing sexual images, and images with alcohol and cigarettes on that account. Her parents (my friends) would be mortified. Do I tell them?

Continue reading “How to Tell Your Friend What Their Teen Is Doing on Instagram”