How to Maintain Momentum by Pruning Your Practices

By: Michael McQueen

One of the most valuable lessons this year has taught us is that the life we were living pre-COVID isn’t necessarily the one we are seeking post-COVID. Though we have been longing for life to get ‘back to normal’ since the pandemic hit, there are many parts of the old normal that we would do well to leave behind. Continue reading “How to Maintain Momentum by Pruning Your Practices”

5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot

aerial view of a c shaped road

By: Michael McQueen

As events have unfolded this year, the word ‘pivot’ has emerged as a description of the moves necessary in business, society and individual lives to adapt to uncertain times. It is an appropriate word choice to describe these movements, especially as it depicts a motion that adapts its direction, while remaining rooted in one spot. It is clear that in times of crisis, the fundamental need for businesses is the ability to pivot. Continue reading “5 Practices That Could Paralyse Your Pivot”