Jesus Is Coming… Look Busy


By: Rodney Olsen

You’ve had the same conversation a thousand times. You meet up with someone who asks how you’ve been and you answer by telling them … ‘busy’.

Their question isn’t about your level of activity, it’s about your personal wellness, yet you still feel the need to assure them that you’ve been a productive member of society. I know this because I get caught up in it too. Continue reading “Jesus Is Coming… Look Busy”

5 Ways to Deal With Unhealthy Mum Comparison


By: Amy Van Veen | Focus On The Family

After just one mothers group at a local community centre, new mum Claire* found it too negative an environment to go back.

“I felt like I was back in high school,” she said, adding that everyone seemed to be trying to prove their baby was best, comparing the development of their newborns and sizing up each other’s parenting techniques. Continue reading “5 Ways to Deal With Unhealthy Mum Comparison”