Research Reveals Shocking New Statistics of Australia’s Bullying Crisis

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By: Ashley Fell

Going to school is a key shared experience, it is the bottleneck through which all Australians pass. Currently, one in six Australians go to school. Yet despite the constant improvement in school facilities, education curriculum, teaching methods and training, bullying is a serious problem in Australian schools. Continue reading “Research Reveals Shocking New Statistics of Australia’s Bullying Crisis”

Top 6 Trends for 2019


By: McCrindle

Seismic shifts in Australia’s demographics this year will mean that Generations Y and beyond (Australians born since 1980) will become the largest proportion of the population, our regional cities will emerge as lifestyle cities and our cultural diversity and generational change will, in an election year, reshape the national conversation and shake-up the traditional Australian self-image. Continue reading “Top 6 Trends for 2019”