Leading Effective Teams When Working From Home


By: McCrindle

When it comes to leading teams that thrive, the world in which leaders do this has undergone seismic shifts. Some of these shifts include portfolio careers, technological change and of course, the transformational shifts brought on by COVID-19. Almost overnight, the office-bound workforce globally relocated to their homes – and have kept working that way since. Continue reading “Leading Effective Teams When Working From Home”

How to Spot Trends

white architecture on blue sky

By: McCrindle

Being a futurist is an interesting profession. For some it conjures an image of a crystal ball. For others, excel spreadsheets. It may come as a surprise that, in fact, no one can predict the future with certainty. But we can prepare for it. By observing the changes and thinking about what will influence the future, leaders and organisations can be better prepared for what is to come. Continue reading “How to Spot Trends”