Maintaining Your Marriage During the Parenting Years


By: Arlene Pellicane

Date nights during the courtship years might have included bouquets of roses, candlelight dinners and strolls through the park. But date night looks quite different now that you have kids. These days, your “romantic evenings” may more often involve finding free food samples at the grocery store and then heading to the discount movie theatre. Continue reading “Maintaining Your Marriage During the Parenting Years”

Recognising Casual Disrespect in Your Relationship


By: Focus On The Family

Note: This article has been written from the perspective of women in the context of marriage, but applies to both men and women in friendships and dating included!

Showing disrespect has become a modern marriage pastime. We laugh as our favourite on-screen wives make fools out of their husbands, and before long we’re talking like these leading ladies. Continue reading “Recognising Casual Disrespect in Your Relationship”

Her Marriage Struggled Off-Screen, Too: Sarah Drew, Star of ‘Indivisible’ & Grey’s Anatomy


By: Laura Bennett

One of the best things about movies is when they hit close to home, and you feel like they’re written just for you. For Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew, it was her own marriage struggle that made her sign on to her new movie, Indivisible. Continue reading “Her Marriage Struggled Off-Screen, Too: Sarah Drew, Star of ‘Indivisible’ & Grey’s Anatomy”