The Need for Mentoring


By: Kevin Conklin | Focus On The Family

Mentoring is a popular word, but it’s been around a long time. Many write about it (like me right now), and speak on it, and even have conferences on it.

There are different types of mentoring (professional, personal, spiritual, marriage, parenting, etc.), but I’d like to take a couple minutes of your valuable time and write about the need to have ongoing mentors in your life, as well as being a mentor to someone who can use what you have.  Continue reading “The Need for Mentoring”

Helping Children Grieve for a Loved One

children grieve

By: Catherine Wilson | Focus On The Family

When the loss of someone precious suddenly becomes part of your family’s story, it can take enormous emotional energy to do even the simplest thing.

For you, if you’re already grieving, this is a tough time to do extra work – the work of learning how to help your children grieve well. But you are wise to take that step – to do the work, to learn. Continue reading “Helping Children Grieve for a Loved One”