Helping Children Grieve for a Loved One

children grieve

By: Catherine Wilson | Focus On The Family

When the loss of someone precious suddenly becomes part of your family’s story, it can take enormous emotional energy to do even the simplest thing.

For you, if you’re already grieving, this is a tough time to do extra work – the work of learning how to help your children grieve well. But you are wise to take that step – to do the work, to learn. Continue reading “Helping Children Grieve for a Loved One”

5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams


By: Tania Harris | God Conversations

A first century rabbi once said; “A dream uninterpreted is a letter unopened.” Imagine if the Creator God had sent you a letter – a message that answered your question, gave you vision for the future or provided some insight into your current situation. But it’s sitting there in the letterbox, unopened and unread, while you’re still praying in frustration, wondering why God hasn’t spoken… Continue reading “5 Steps to Understanding Your Dreams”