The SSM ‘Yes’ Vote One Year On


By: Akos Balogh

It’s been one year. One year since Australia voted ‘yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage. You might have missed the anniversary last Thursday (it wasn’t headline news – which is surprising, considering the airtime it took up a year ago). But it was picked up by the likes of The Project, where presenter Carrie Bickmore confidently asserted that ‘the sky hasn’t fallen in’ since SSM became legal. Continue reading “The SSM ‘Yes’ Vote One Year On”

One of the 13 ‘Wild Boars’ Rescued is a Compassion Sponsored Child

wild boars adul compassion sponsor

Above: Photos of Adul, posted on the Maesai Grace Church Facebook page.

By: Clare Bruce

The dramatic rescue of the ‘Wild Boars’ soccer boys from a flooded cave in Thailand hit close to home for the nation’s Christian community, when they learned that one of the boys is a Christian who attends a local church in Chiang Rai. Continue reading “One of the 13 ‘Wild Boars’ Rescued is a Compassion Sponsored Child”