To the Parent Without the Right Answers


By: Jennie Scott

Tears streamed down my child’s face, the frustration apparent.

The frustration was clear, but the real issue wasn’t. I couldn’t get to the root of the matter. Was it exhaustion? A misunderstanding? Did something happen at school? What was really going on?

I never figured it out. My questioning and probing did no good with the child sprawled across my bed, so I couldn’t make sense of it.

Which basically summarises being a parent. Continue reading “To the Parent Without the Right Answers”

What Your Kids Need When They Don’t Do What They’re Asked


By: Dr Justin Coulson | Happy Families

Dear Dr Justin,

My children don’t do anything they’re told. I’ve tried everything. I withdraw privileges and use time out and even smacking them won’t work with them. I’m tired of yelling. Nothing works no matter what I do to them. I’m seriously over it. I have a girl whose 3, a boy whose 8, and a girl who is 11. Continue reading “What Your Kids Need When They Don’t Do What They’re Asked”