Planning a Trip? 6 Strategies When Leaving Your Children

Map, bag, and camera flat lay

By: Jenny Baxter

Heading away for a holiday or trip, and leaving your children with friends or family? Sounds exciting! But it’s good to be aware there may be long-term outcomes, even with your very best intentions. This blog explains some of the strategies you can use to ensure your children manage the separation with as few adverse effects as possible.

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Tomato-Free Pizza & Meatball Sauce

Tomato free sauce

By: Susan Joy

I’m delighted with this tasty tomato-free pizza/meatball sauce. Many of us love Italian food but we need to eliminate tomatoes or can’t tolerate nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, capsicum, peppers, chilli, white potato, eggplant). No one will guess there’s no tomatoes in this delicious sauce. Use the sauce to spread over Paleo pizzas, with meatballs, lasagna and noodles. If I hadn’t told my hubby it didn’t contain tomatoes, he said he wouldn’t have known (he loves the sauce).
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